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The High School STEM Alliance of America (HSSAA) was founded with the vision of linking high schools across the country to help foster and forward educational and career opportunities in Science,Technology, Engineering and Math disciplines for young women and men. We strive to be a prominent platform for educators to share their creativity, curricula, initiatives, programs and achievements with fellow educators and students; as well as parents and caretakers seeking to cultivate and nurture youths interest in STEM

We endeavor to secure internships for high school students at STEM based companies; sponsor trips abroad for students to engage and study with their global peers; and generate scholarships that will be applied to colleges and trade schools.

The HSSAA is the brainchild of Jaime Harris, a co-founder of Coach My Country Online, also known as CMYCO, a gaming and technology company founded in San Francisco, California. For the past decade Jaime has been an educator at the Eagle Academy for Young Men in the Bronx, New York, an all-boys public school where he spearheaded the school’s partnership with Fordham University’s STEP (Science and Technology Entry Program), helping to provide a foundation for boys to pursue educational and career opportunities in the disciplines of science, math, engineering and technology